Barry Coughlin

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Compilation Album

Crazy World Out There - 1980 (Old Strand Road Music)
Picture Frame - 1984 (Old Strand Road Music)
Until The Night Shuts Down - 1988 (Old Strand Road Music) 
Living in the Land of the Free - 1994 (Old Strand Road Music)
The Long Hot Summer - 2001 (Old Strand Road Music)
Carmelita - 2002 - (Old Strand Road Music)
Rainbow Connection - 2002 (Tangerine Music)
Jupiter Moon - 2003 (Tangerine Music)
Edelweiss - 2004 (Tangerine Music)
Turtle Head Soup - 2007
Compilation - 2008 (Tangerine Music)
Premonition - 2009 (Tangerine Music)
Turtle Head Soup
Christmas Album
JD & Barry at Wooden Studios
Is that a Recording Contract?

Discography & Music

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Jim Commander (Engineer), Barry
and Don Huffman at Glaser Sound
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